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Average daily return
since inception:


The first
Web3 Market Maker

PRNTR is built around an institutional grade trading operation that actively rewards stakers in stablecoins generated as profit from operations.
Average daily return since inception: 0.74%
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PRNTR’s main objective is to create risk free to low risk returns from professional trading activities in the crypto markets. Recreating a market making / HFT firm fully on-chain.

Strategy focus

• Market Making
• Arbitrage
• Carry
• StatArb


We are a crypto native team with a broad background in TradFi and software development. Our goal is to democratize market making profits.

Stablecoin real yield

Yield payable to stakers will be based on actual results achieved through running our operations.
All payouts are in stablecoins.


Phase 1

• Software in-house development ✔
• Testing strategies and software ✔
• ‘Central Book’ system implementation
• Incorporation ✔
• Team expansion ✔

Phase 2

• Strategies running live ✔
• B2B fund setup
• Regulatory approval
• Partnerships / integrations

Phase 3

• Smart contracts (native token, staking vaults)
• Audit
• Public sale and native token launch
• Trading teams covering all time zones

Phase 4

• Market making agreements external tokens
• Multichain buildout PRNTR native token
• OTC platform
• New WEB3 project development